Welcome to my hill; enjoy the vista

Well, here we are at last.  Hello, out there, whoever you are.  I’m JDC Burnhil, author of the action-adventure e-book Nightbird Descends, and my plan for this blog is to talk about the values I strive for as a writer, and everything I’ve learned over the years about the art of fiction.

Of course, at the current moment, all I can really talk about is the art of going slightly insane while preparing for a con, like the one I’m attending starting tomorrow.  With the way things have turned out, I’m actually quite relieved that my application to run a panel at the con was declined; as stressed as I am now, it would be worse if I had that additional obligation.  (Which doesn’t mean I won’t be trying again at different cons, of course!)

So, if you follow this blog, you’ll get musings and reflections on how we do this weird thing we do, making stories to catch the minds and hearts of readers.  You’ll get updates about new chapters in the continuing Nightbird story, as well as other projects I’m working on.  And probably you’ll get more than a few pedestrian thoughts such as, there has to be a really good to-do list manager app for iPad, and does anyone have any suggestions?

About jdcburnhil

Author of "Nightbird Descends," available from Smashwords and other fine e-book retailers.
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